The main goal of the project is to elucidate molecular and cellular mechanisms of insulin resistance and of pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction associated with obesity. The study will be focused on the signaling pathways involved in lipid metabolism regulation, transcription factors, and functional analysis of the insulin pathway. By using viral gene therapy, functional genomics and biochemical approaches the major objective of the proposed project is to uncover the molecular mechanism of lipid-induced muscle and pancreatic beta-cell dysfunctions. The proposed studies will thereby importantly contribute to the molecular understanding of obesity related diabetes and may directly pave the way to the development of new therapeutic targets in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

The research is funded by Foundation for Polish Science within the Innovative Economy Operational Programme.

3 positions for PhD students

Fellowship: 3000 PLN/month (not subject to income tax)
Application deadline:

                     first call for applications: September, 2010:  CLOSED
                     second call for applications: October 1, 2012 CLOSED

Start date: December 1, 2010 and October 1, 2012, respectively 
Candidates must successfully get into official PhD Programme at the Nencki Institute by October 2012
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3 positions for Postdoctoral Researchers
Funding: 5000 PLN/month (not subject to income tax) plus minimum wage employment by the Nencki Institute 
Application deadline: first call for applications: October, 2010:  CLOSED
                            second call for applications: October 1, 2012: CLOSED
                            third call for applications: November 25, 2013:CLOSED

Start date: January 1, 2011, November 1, 2012, and February 1, 2014, respectively
Candidates must have earned doctoral degree no more than 4 years before the application deadline. Persons who would defend their Ph.D. thesis shortly after the application deadline, and before a start of the employment contract, are eligible to apply.
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2 positions for MSc students
Funding: 1000 PLN/month (not subject to income tax)
Application deadline:   
          first call for applications: September, 2010: CLOSED
          second call for applications: September 10, 2012: CLOSED
Start date: November 1, 2010 and November 1, 2012, respectively

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